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I really am thankful and feel blessed to have the means, and the time, and a person who I feel connected to, to be able to take care of my body and my spirit.  I appreciate your time, caring and energy.  You truly have a healing touch.  T. W. 2016


  Jamilah, I just wanted to thank you for your work on Friday.  When you had finished, I was still in a lot of pain and was worried I would have the pain for quite a while before it resolved.  I did not have an opportunity to apply any oils or ointments that you had suggested prior to going to bed to my dismay.  However, when I woke up on Saturday morning I was pain-free!  It took me a minute to realize that my neck and arm had no pain and I could move without restriction.  Throughout the day I remained pain free with only a slight sensation that I needed to behave so I didn't have any recurring issues.  I continue to remain 99% pain free and will use the techniques you outlined to help resolve the remaining issues. Thank you so much.  I will certainly plan to see you in the future for any issues, or just for some relaxation!  T.J. 2013

I suffer from ocassional, but really severe lower back pain. When an incident occurs, I am typically needing treatment (massages) 2 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks and enduring decreasing levels of pain for the entire time. 

Six months ago, my back went out on me and my former therapist was no where to be found. Then from a friend, I heard about Jamilah and booked a massage with her.
Jamilah, in one treatment, made the pain go away completely (and it was so bad I could barely get on the table). Not only did it go away, but I have been pain free without further treatment for the last six months, which is a record for me.
I do intend to follow up every other month or so with her this year to keep my back in shape and not have to go through any more pain.

H.  2011 

Jamilah has the most sensitive healing touch I have experienced.  She continues to attend first-class continuing studies in the art and science of Cranial Sacral Therapy and it shows in her sessions.  The loving care of her massages is unmistakable.  I highly recommend her!!!

-Julie S.  

Great Massage Therapist! Jamilah is a very knowledgeable and professional massage therapist. She exhibits great expertise in combining her healing work with creating a very relaxing environment. I highly recommend her.                              

 -Ryan, Software Engineer  

Awareness of the subtle body as well as release of blockages requires a practitioner very skilled and incredibly sensitive. This is what I experienced today with the cranial sacral session with Jamillah! On the scale of from 1-10, definitely a 10.

-Colon Hydrotherapist/Bio-feedback Practitioner  

Excellent work! Jamilah is a great massage therapist and I recommend her highly. She also has a very pleasant personality.
 -David, Owner of a Marketing Business  
I could get a massage at my chiropractor's office for free with my insurance, but it isn't even worth my time when I can come and see Jamilah instead.  She is a miracle-worker for me.
-B.G., Special-Education Teacher