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Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath

Dyna-Chi Ionic Body Professional Ion Detox Machine

An Ionic Foot Bath is a treatment that promotes detoxification.  It works by splitting apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen which creates a negative ionic charge in the water.  This energizes the body and stimulates the acupuncture meridians. 

Toxins and heavy metals connect to our bodies tissues with a positive ionic bond.  The negative ionic charge created by the Dyna-Chi breaks the bonds holding the toxins and heavy metals in the body.  The toxins and heavy metals then move into the lymph system where they are carried on their way through the body's natural detoxification system.  They will pass out of your body over the following 2 days as you sweat and use the bathroom.

The water in the footbath will change color during treatment.  People tend to get very caught up in this and want medical diagnoses based on the color and consistency of the water.  What shows up in the water are toxins that have leaked from the lymphatic system and have not yet gone through the liver and kidneys.  People interpret these colors according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the colors associated with the different organs in this system.  The makers of Dyna-Chi estimate that what shows up in the footbath during treatment is only about 10% of the actual detoxification taking place as a result of one session.  The water may also change color as the ionization array interacts with the minerals in the water.

Overall, the Ionic Foot Bath enhances the body's Bio Electric Field and helps it to move into balance.  It gives the body's natural detoxification system an energy boost.  The sessions I offer are usually 40 minutes long.  If you are under 95 pounds, diabetic or in compromised health we can discuss a shorter session.

Everyone responds differently to the treatment.  I became a believer in the importance of using IFB for myself when I realized that my joint pain had disappeared after a few months of weekly use.  People who have electrical implants, transplanted organs, are currently pregnant or have open wounds on their feet or ankles should not use an Ionic Foot Bath.  The manufacturer states that the  IFB isn't intended to treat or cure any illness or disease.